How Do You Let Go of Someone You Never Had?

A lot of people ask this question to themselves, my friends ask me the same whenever they’re depressed with their love life situations. The same question runs through my mind whenever I face my own reality.

How indeed do you let go of someone you never had? Someone who has unconsciously become a part of your world, someone you couldn’t eat without, sleep without, dream without, breathe without, live without. Someone who unconsciously attached themselves to you but you know could never become fully yours.

I have been asking this same question to myself for the past relationships I’ve been through and I still haven’t found a surefire, painless, easy-go answer to it. And getting stuck in a situation similar to mine is hard, it’s like dying everyday of your life. There is no easy way to get out of love and you’d have to be freaking heartless to avoid falling in love entirely. I’m a fool. A stupid romantic fool.

Ah, I’m mumbling once again and don’t know how to end.

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  1. Hey it’s me, here to complicate mattah’s further baby!

    Oh how do you let go of someone you never had, who can’t let go of you, someone they never ha either?


    Welcome to the jungle, I’m rowdy cat, how I love my fire pit.

  2. LOL Colleen! That is a bit more complicated! we don’t even know how to let go of someone you can’t have how much more someone you never had, never had you but don’t know how to let go of you either.. πŸ˜•

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