Hostage Drama

Yesterday morning around 9 AM until yesterday night 7 PM, a bus filled with kindergarten children, supposed to head for Tagaytay for a daycare excursion, detoured and was hostaged in front of the Bonifacio shrine in Manila. The hostage taker, Jun Ducat, had two grenades without pins, an uzi and god knows what else. Guess who Jun Ducat was… the owner of the daycare center.

A couple of senatoriables took turns on-site to negotiate with Ducat. And what did he want? He want to be heard by the government. I know in this society, the government would seem and might really be deaf to the needs of the people. If he didn’t take this violent method, how else would the government know what he wants or what most people want? But in my opinion, this kind of actions should not be tolerated.

The end doesn’t justify the means.

Asking for education and housing projects for the mass are very beautiful aims and I would like to believe everyone in our nation has hopes of everyone being granted education and proper shelter. But by endangering the lives of 32 innocent children for this aim is a lot of crap.

Ok so he said he didn’t plan to hurt the children, and even requested ice cream and pizza for the kids after they ate their packed lunch, but if I was a parent of one of those kids and I knew he has taken my kid while possessing unpinned grenades, I would not care about his aim but would struggle for the safety of my kid and make sure he suffers the consequences of taking my child.

He should have taken his children hostage instead, that way he would know what it really feels like to have your children’s lives in danger. I find his principles twisted and according to his children, this guy’s action should be something to be proud of. More of that here: Hostage-taker’s Children Proud of What Father Did

At a different angle, it was a brave deed to put your pride, name, self on the line just to be heard but I still think it was too harmful (thinking about what may have happened to the children in such a case when things turn violent and out of hand). I honestly don’t know if this drama was just a set up just to become heroes of the day. I’d hate to think it was just a theater act, it was a foolish act if it was. It just sucks big time that these things have to happen. And I hope no one tries to copy this method to get their demands/needs/etc out. I hope it’s not all talk when the government said that full criminal justice would be brought down upon them.

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