Heart’s Day

Happy Valentines

Glitterly huh? Well well well… It’s valentines day! So what happened on this special day for love? Uhm… I slept. :mrgreen: I had worked all night long so give me a break will you? And besides as if anyone asked me out tonight. 🙄 (yes, this is a blatant parinig… tamaan na ang dapat tamaan)

Someone did however remember to send me something but had the audacity (or is it stupidity?) to leave a card with a little message and the initial “B”. May be I should scan that card later…

I don’t know the penmanship so someone ought to ‘fess up and tell me who sent it!!!

Why? Why else would I want to know why… -sigh- it was so sweet I want to thank you properly. I’m not even saying what I got so only those who’ve seen it and sent it would know what I received for valentines. 😳

Let’s revert to a different kind of loving, my baby learned how to do the ‘flying kiss’ thing for a while now but she did something quite memorable today. It probably was unconscious on her part but babies are smart people too so I could be wrong. While I was carrying her this morning, she placed her hand onto her mouth (something like smacking it) held it up and placed her hand on my lips. -sigh- that definitely made my day.

Makes one realize that you don’t have to have a date on valentines as long as you got loved ones and friends with you and as long as you love yourself, valentines isn’t so sad or lonely.

Happy Hearts’ Day everyone!

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  1. Stalker?

    What’s a “proper” thank you? 😈

    I’m a romantic and could think of a million things I’d love to do today but no one to do them with as usual.

    Would be nice to be treated like a Goddess, naked on a bed of satin, rose petals, nice hot naked pman…. 😈

  2. LOL! 😆 pman? is p short for something? :mrgreen:

    proper thank you? uhm.. well.. I didn’t mean it that way!

    …but I could mean it that way, depending on who sent the gifts 😯 😈

  3. You should have checked the card for finger prints. Who delivered it anyway? Not the guy who gave it to you? Are you even sure it’s a guy? It might be Colleen alright! Or some sumo she-wrestler 😯

    Or it could be one of your ex? Speaking of which, any news from your siopao? I’m dying to find out if you’re still together 🙄 that dick didn’t invite you for valentines? and where is he? do you want us to de-hair him one strand at a time?

  4. siopao? 🙁 no news. I might as well grill him when he gets back from the province.

    Colleen sent the gifts? huwaw! :mrgreen: We have a problem, I don’t know what a pman really is too 😳

    I don’t know if it’s one of those fools, B can mean a lot of things. It can even be from siopao but I don’t want to assume anything, it can be anybody. It can even have been sent to the wrong address!

  5. wooooooooh happy valentines! sino ka-date mo nung valentines? dont tell me wala kang kad8 di ako maniniwala! kanta ka ng kanta ng ‘araw gabi’ kanina sa shop para kanino yun? sino kaya iniisip mo’ nilalanggam ka na sa sweet peach

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