Online April Fools

Yesteday was April Fools and to save myself from confusion, frustration and whatever feelings, I did not go online nor did I go out. I can handle whatever stupid prank my family has in store for me but I don’t want other people messing with my head.

I haven’t roamed around too much yet when I got back today but I already found a few funny hoaxes in my mail and on Google. A local forum announced its closure (kaso napaaga ang sira ng announcement sa PMT kasi may nakahuli agad nung hoax), and Google announces a whole bunch of services (Gmail Paper, Google Writer) but that one that really cracked me up is its wireless broadband service, or the Google TiSP. Oh gawd this was a charm!

Installing TiSP

It comes complete with FAQ and support group. Getting internet connection through the toilet made me chuckle and I could not imagine Google employees or whatever Google was pertaining to as Plumbing Hardware Dispatchers (PHDs), would dive into sewage to get you connected.

TiSP diagram

I’m still looking for April fool hoaxes, does Yahoo have one? Or other big named places? Can you direct me to one? :mrgreen:

Edit: Found another one, Matt Cutts’ blog was “hacked” by the Dark SEO Team then the Dark SEO team got “hacked” by Matt Cutts. I love the foolishness.

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