haha no hi omedetoh

The hardest job in this world is to be a full-pledged mother. I feel guilty that I can’t greet my mother properly offline. I love my mom really but I shy away from her sometimes, maybe because ever since I became a mother myself, I got nagged and nagged and nagged and I feel like I’ve embarrassed her a lot. Like she’s no longer proud of me. Her side comments always seems to point at me and it hurts. I’m the most emotional person in the family and to avoid getting hurt, I distance myself from everyone. I feel bad that this is how I feel but I’d be a hypocrite if I pretended I didn’t feel this way. But if somehow she gets to read what’s inside my heart, I hope she sees this:


I’m not a perfect daughter, nor a perfect person. Although we seem to make it a habit to argue with each other, although you seem to misunderstand me most of the time, although you think I don’t give a damn, and all though I don’t say it that much, I love you. Thank you for bringing me into life and thank you for being a part of it everyday.

Happy mother’s day Ma.


Happy mother’s day to all the moms in the world.

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