Good Bye HDs

How can you die on me when you are my life!??!?!! Ooooo how dramatic.

As if my personal problems aren’t enough, my cpu had to die.

My hard drives (yes two of them!) recently just died on me. The data drive was in critical condition these past few weeks and has died during the weekends now even the system disk gave up last night. Leaving me with only so little backup of files that I have on my external drive.

I have been unnerved by the fact that some of the files I need to get my work done has flown off with the wind. The hardest part is I lost all my mp3s and mp4s that I have so painstakingly collected through the two years I was with my pc.

And the anime episodes I haven’t backed up yet! Naruto, Samurai X, Detective Conan…! Oh the pain! The pain!

In a few minutes, I’d be buying a new hard drive. I don’t know what else to do or what else to buy. Do I need a new pc? I can’t afford one right now. Maybe after payday but I can’t have “payday” when I can’t work now can I?

I’m off to buy that hd now. Hopefully that solves my problems, and not find something else is wrong which is affecting my hds and hopefully I can catch up on unfinished work.

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  1. sinabi mo pa jake… sakit talaga sa ulo. ung sa trabaho madaling palitan yun, ung mga collection ko ang masakit… masakit talaga 😥

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