Funk Up, Funk Down.. Funk it!

Funky Funk Funk!

What the fu*k is going on? I was really really itching to blog during the weekend but I lack inspiration so excuse me if I’m throwing it all out now with all the ‘funk’. If other people suffer from LSS or last song syndrome, I am currently suffering from a last expression syndrome. I think the word ‘funk’ just burned itself at the back of my brain (curse you Kenns and your ‘flunky furry funk’). So excuse me again for the annoying overuse of the word. I don’t know if using it is a bad thing or a good thing but hey you can read it as though I’m saying the F word or some other word. Hmmm.. So ready? Let the annoyingly little funk begin! πŸ˜›

Site Funkdates

If you have been here before, like say a month ago and just came back today, you probably would notice that there are a lot of changes with the site.

Twitter Updates
My Twitter badge

For one I changed my Twitter badge into something more personal (and starry). If you’re not aware what Twitter is, it’s sort of like a community where you can update your friends of what the hell you are up to wherever you are. Yes you can update them through mobile, through the site, through supported IMs or through some other software application they support. And it’s absolutely free (although sending updates through text costs a few peso, I think, depending on your network service provider). You can follow my updates here. You can stalk me and I can stalk you too. Weeeee lol.

Blue Smilies
Blue eye-straining smilies! Bwahaha

Another update was the blue smilies. I was looking for something pale orange (to contrast with the blue theme) but couldn’t find one that I really liked so I ended up settling for a bright blue package. yeah, more blue. I edited half of the smilies because either some funky spazz was missing from the smiley or it was not at par with my standards (aba ang arte mo joiz! πŸ˜† ). I’m still open to suggestions for smiley packages, maybe you could direct me to really cute orange blog smileys.

Subscription buttons
Subscription buttons: Feed me baby

And lastly, the feeds! I love the subscription buttons, I made them myself so they deserve attention ok? hehe if you think I’m interesting enough to subscribe to my blog feeds and/or be my fan, show some lovin’ and subscibe baby, subscribe!

I also removed a few things on the single pages’ sidebar since it was ruining the output of the images when being enlarged. Hmmm… you know, when I hyperlink funky images? I can’t explain without being too geeky so I’ll let you figure those out yourself.

Funked Up RSS

So my RSS reader was zonking out on me last night, it freezes whenever I manually add a new channel. And not just a 10 second freeze but a fridgin’ 2 minute wait. I do not like applications freezing on me for more than 20 seconds else I hit the CTRL + ALT + DEL, frustrate over it (find an alternative) and uninstall. I’m currently using Google Reader as alternative, and I must say it’s a amuch much better alternative (Thanks to Roanne for suggesting and Sarah and Mitch for second motions). I just realized I couldn’t read my feeds offline though, like I used to before. πŸ™

Or could I?

Google’s Funky Gears

Google Gears Beta

While I was worrying over not being able to read my channels offline (I prefer doing that in case PLDT decides to funk up my connection again), I saw that magical link on top of my Google Reader page which says Offline *new* and clicked on it. Aha! I can set up my Google Reader to be readable even if I’m offline! Whoppiee! I’m downloading it right now. Let’s see what it does. Hmmm looks interesting though.

Funky Addiction Result

I saw this quiz first on PinoyBlogero. Tried it for myself and oh no this is bad…

82%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

So maybe I keep tract of a lot of blogs on a daily basis but I don’t blog too often already! Am I really still this addicted?

I wonder how anyone could get a 100% and if you are 100% a blog addict does that mean you just blog all day? πŸ˜•

Funky. Real funky.

Ok geez, I’m getting pissed with this word already.. I’ll return when I’ve rinsed the word ‘funk’ out of my system.

0 Replies to “Funk Up, Funk Down.. Funk it!”

  1. Funkadelic post. πŸ™‚

    I signed up for Twitter, but I haven’t done anything with it… and haven’t told anyone about it. I’m conflicted about expanding my online life / presence.

    I dig the blue smilies. Very cute.

  2. Huwat the funk. πŸ˜€

    Naging extension na ‘yung Twitter para sa interactions natin e. Nyehehe. Iniisip ko na ring palitan ng design ang Twitter badge ko, pero bukod sa hindi ko masyadong alam, e tinatamad lang talaga ako. πŸ˜€

    Medyo over-sized ‘yung smilies ko pero nakyukyutan talaga ako. OnionMan smileys.

    Maganda nga ‘yang Google Reader. Sleeky. Gamit ko rin ‘yan, pero minsan lang talaga ako mag-view. Trip ko talaga bloghopping. =)

  3. I use Google Reader and I really like it.

    I wanna learn how to manipulate my feeds and RSS. I know squat about them. Hahaha!

    I’ve experienced Last Expression Syndrome too. Right after watching Transformers. Hehe!

  4. thanks to everyone who commented about the smilies/layout/post/etc πŸ˜€

    fruityoaty: I fully understand hehe in my case, as much as I want to keep most of my identity anonymous, I think the superficial part of me wants to be known. (huwat? me? may superficial identity? πŸ˜• ) ahehehe erm..

    Euri: I agree! Kaya nga minsan nawiwindang ako pag gusto ko magbloghopping tapos super bagal or no connection at all…

    Jake: madali lang edit ang twitter badge give me a “blagadag” kind of buzz if you need help with it. I also am fond of blog hopping better than rss kaso ung ibang blogs I find interesting minsan tinatadtad nung owner with ads and I’m talking about popups, pop unders at kung ano anong pops, minsan ung hosting nila ang may sala. Interesting sana kaso maloloka ka muna…

    Jigs: hehe madali ako ma LES ngayon since I barely talk to anyone. kaya kahit anong matunog na expression, nahahagap ko agad. 😑

    salamat sa pagdaan nyo ha, balik kayo sana palagi ^_^

  5. hahahaha I didn’t know I have that effect on you mama joiz. flunky flurry funkadelic funk! Sorry! πŸ˜† πŸ˜›

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