Fortune Cookies… In Bed

I have an app in Facebook called Fortune Cookies and what it does is… very much what a fortune cookie does. :sweat:

I never gave too much attention to it, until I turned on the “in bed” mode tonight.

You won’t find it unless you go look for it…in bed.

One day it won’t hurt anymore…in bed.

Go see a movie. You need a break…in bed.

Everything will be fine…in bed.

You will become a different person…in bed.

Skill comes from diligence…in bed.

Go back a little to leap ahead…in bed.

You are more attractive than you think…in bed.

Avert misunderstanding by calm, poise and balance…in bed.

Someone will share a secret with you…in bed.

And the latest I got…

Facebook Fortune Cookies… In Bed

Hmmm 😈 😆

Ok I go offline now.

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