I have been hurt before, hurt all over
and I think my heart will no longer mend
I have found solace in being alone
for there is no one to turn to. I can’t depend.
I’ve given up on love, I’ve given up on “us”
given up on finding joy and completion
They say I’m strong but I’m not
Sometimes I also need love and attention

You found me, and taught me to smile again
You made me feel different, made me new
And in time you opened my heart to love
You became special, I learned to love you
You took care of me, pampered me,
comforted me and made me smile
You told me you love me,
gave me attention, even for a while

Things are turning out good
but the truth cannot be hidden
For I cannot have you try as I might
and our emotions are forbidden
But still I am waiting for you and your love
even without knowing how, or when
For this fool has fallen in love and
is ready to hurt again.

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