I Am Numb.


As I walk along this familiar path heading home, passing by our usual bookstore, our favourite coffee shop, the restaurant where we regularly have dinner, I staggered from the sudden pain I felt.


I knew the floodgates would open. As I walked past each one of them, tears threatened to fall.


And they did fall. My heart cries. My heart cries out for you.


Everything turned into a blur. And for a moment, I let the feelings overwhelm me.


For a moment, I let the salt wash off the mask I wear.


The glitter of the lights were no match to the darkness I felt. The chill that is splitting my soul into pieces. There are only shadows. Only the cold within me.


And then I remember I was walking along a highly bustling street and I was embarrassing myself.


As I hurriedly wipe away the sadness from my eyes, I realise the crowd around me has not noticed. And I realised I wasn’t the only one crying.


The sky wept with me, and engulf me in a soothing downpour.


I smiled as I look up the sky.


For once the coldness I felt was outside. Not within.


Soon, my spirit started to lift. I felt numb again. I raced into a puddle and let out a laugh.


The shadows looked at me like I had a nose growing on my forehead.


All of them, but one. Someone looked on with a smile of amusement.


He was a wee child. I felt the warmth of his smile and it crept slowly within me. He reminded me of my Haven, and my Ash.


The lights started to twinkle again.


And I knew I will be fine.

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