Fighting Mr. Sandman

I just woke up a few minutes ago and here I am again in front of the computer. Half working and half pretending to work. That didn’t make senseto me, anyways, I’m procastinating and at the same time, being rushed by a client. What luck.

I only had 10 hours of sleep. Finally was able to snooze for a bit, after the tirade I went through this week. I already said I haven’t had decent sleep last week, what’s worse for this week is I haven’t slept for more than two hours since Monday! Why? Here are the culprits…

1. Articles. Write 8 articles regarding real estates. I know what you’re thinking, hohum, but it’s my job. hinga malalim.

2. Templates. Arvin has been sending me psd files to encode, Sagbee hired me to make one of his templates. Kuya Noli also needs a wordpress theme and a phpld theme to match his existing site. Ate bridge wants an original blog theme too. I had myself wishing I was an octopus for a moment there.

3. Baby Queen. The kid needs attention too. I play with her during the afternoons when I’m suppose to be vacant. Can’t push work out of the way, can’t leave her around the afternoons begging for attention. haaay decisions decisions.

4. Boyfriend. lol who would have thought I’d add this up to the equation, yes you bhe. We don’t have contact and it’s making my depression more depressive (errr ok?). I admit I miss you, itext mo naman ako pambihira. Gera ito.

5. Money (the lack of it). Egad, I only have 20 pesos in my wallet since Monday. I can’t withdraw my money from the atm because my atm card cracked and needed replacing (which I’ll receive today, in the morning). And someone hasn’t given my pay yet. Oi tata predzzzzzz parinig parinig hehe

6. Meetings. I was offered to be a system analyst. Ayun lang sinabi ko lang. I’m still considering my options. I’m looking for a house, so I asked advice from a broker (ang mahal naman ata ng singil ng broker, they’ll make sure you go broke)

7. My leg. It rains, it’s cold, it hurts like hell.

8. My laundry. I have to wash my own clothes. I couldn’t get it laundered because of #5 and I haven’t had that much time due to numbers 1-3…

9. Other household chores. Wala! Wala na akong nagawa! Ayos! Kamusta naman yun..

I think I missed out on a few other reasons, but I don’t want to think about them right now. Have mercy on this withering brain.

How do I manage to stay awake for almost 90 hours? Four words: Coffee. And. Energy. Drink. I’ve done that before in college, aaah the many vampiric nights in LB has taught me a lot on how to become a zombie.

The pill I took helped me sleep like a log for a few hours and I still want to go back to sleep now that I’m wide awake. But I can’t, since I still have a few things left to do.

Can someone shoot me in the head instead? -sigh-


– Do I really have to look like a yuppie or some sort of fashionista if I go into starbucks for coffee? Ha ha too late, I was just wearing a shirt and a pair of shorts and beach sandals when my friend snatched me up for coffee, people there looked at me weird, ugh at least I wasn’t naked!

– You know you should go to bed when you’re falling asleep while doing your business in the loo.

– Although you work hard and do your best to finish things on time and with flying colors, your ISP, computer and everything else around you, may be conspiring against you.

– If you’re the type of person who needs sugar or sweeteners on their coffee, always check for sugar/sweeteners first before making yourself a cup of coffee.

– A man’s best friend is not the dog, a man’s real best friend is his penis.

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  1. How much was the offer as system analyst? and is that an office work? or like what you do now?

    I think it’s pretty cool that you have all these offers and job right now but damn girl take care of yourself! Your work is not worth your health.

    And where IS your boyfriend? I haven’t heard you talk about him for a week, you on a break or something? 🙁

    I’ll drop by your house later! Let’s have cake! Guess what today is? :mrgreen:

  2. LOL I deleted my own comment a while ago…

    repost: update: I’m on revolt! I’m not submitting any more articles until I get my pay!!!

    OMFG! Happy birthday! yey cake!!!

  3. Siguro kung nakakabitan lang ng baterya ang tao, malamang andami mo nang nakatambak na Energizer(TM) diyan. Pahinga naman. At lubusin mo. 😀

    Kwentong kape. Minsan, dahil sa sukdulan kong kabobohan, hindi ko nai-check kung asukal ang naihalo ko sa kape. Jumping Jupiter. Iodized salt pala ‘yun. 😀

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