Fertility Tree

Fertility Tree of UPLB

Oh fertility tree, oh fertility tree of uplb, how I miss thee….

Hahaha, I remember jogging around oval once with a few friends, resting a while under the bask of the very shady tree and finding so early in the morning… a used condom in between it’s roots… aaah yes, you read that right. used condoms… under a tree in the big big freedom park.

During the mornings and afternoons, this tree is the haven of joggers, football players and whathaveyous. It’s big enough to have picnics, and there’s enough space to play a game of frisbee, volleyball or football or kite flying.

During the nights, it’s a completely different story. I don’t know how they do it, but couples are able to do miraculous activities underneath the tree, especially during the times when the UP police force where not yet required to do their rounds in the middle of the night and no lights where installed nearby. This tree is just near “Kalye Buntisan” (How do you translate that.. Road of Impregnation?) but that’s for another college reminiscing.

Where did this tree get it’s name? I think that’s very obvious already! A lot of babies have been fruits of this beautiful tree. I’ve heard of coincidences that after having picnics underneath this tree, couples expect a baby after a few months. That is the magic of the fertility tree.

I have not (and please note: NOT) experienced any cavorting and any lustful sheenanigans underneath this tree for the whole duration of my stay in UPLB. I just simply like talking about this tree. You’re just jealous you don’t have a tree like this at home. 😛

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