Fatty Up my A**

I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit to being conscious about my weight. Give me a break will ya, I need to look and feel great. And lately I don’t on both accounts at all.

I eat enough (but my mom says I eat too much, ugh), running around and trying to keep up with a baby queen is starving work. Trying to make a living online is brain tiring, trying to fit my usual routine in one day is exhausting. Want to hear more excuses?

I am such a homebody and a bedroom girl at that. If only I could stay in bed for the whole day, I would.

Even before I got pregnant, I’m the narcoleptic insomiac in the family. WTF? What I mean is whenever I get too comfortable in a chair or bed, I fall asleep quick (The insomiac part is very evident, I don’t sleep on the usual time) who doesn’t love sleep anyway?

Working from home has its ups and downs. The advantage is I can work whenever I want and I don’t worry about slacking off because everyone knows I’m a workaholic and I stress when there’s work to be done. The downside is I don’t get the workout I need, even with a 1 year old daughter to attend to, it just doesn’t feel like a workout.

I haven’t been to the gym for more than a month simply because I’m my kid’s nanny and I can’t bring her along with me to the gym. Maybe if she was a bit older I could get my gym time but right now it’s not possible.

So it’s summer now and I’m still stuck at home, maybe it’s time we head out to the resorts or to the beach huh? Egad, I think I should worry about fitting into my old swimsuits.

Mental note: I just ate my first complete meal today after almost a week of instant meals. The rice doesn’t taste right anymore but I still ate it, if I get sick, I know what the culprit is.

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  1. Hey, I understand the concern, but I think you look great, FWIW. Eat? What’s that? I’ve been on straight apple juice and bottled water, I eat once in awhile, just too stressed lately.

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