Erase and Rewind

Hey, what did you hear me say
you know the difference it makes
what did you hear me say
Yes, I said it’s fine before
But I don’t think so no more
I said it’s fine before
I’ve changed my mindI take it back
Erase and rewind
’cause I’ve been changing my mind
~The Cardigans, Erase and Rewind

How many times have I done this before? Hmmmmm… I do believe lots and lots of times but spare me the sermon I already know about learning the lesson to avoid making the same mistakes from the past. And believe me, I’ve learned. History just kind of repeats itself (excuses, excuses.. tsk tsk).

Before I drive myself mad with the droning clichés, let me introduce the improved (or impoverished, you decide) form of Got rid of the heavy loading header images, made the screen larger (To hell with those who use 800×600 resolutions! This is the 2007s people, buy yourselves new monitors and video cards!); Changed the color combinations (blue was so not me although I find it a shame the stars are gone); I’ve pretty much made things simplier, even changed the branding from “The Angels’ Lair” to a simple and meaningless “JoizDotOrg”.

The Big WHY (oh no, this is going to be really long I think)

Ever felt giddy about getting that new book you have been waiting to appear in the shelves of your favorite bookstore? You feel so excited holding it in your hands for the first time that you actually can even sniff the scent of white crisp papercut-prone pages of the book? Well, this is what I felt when I decided I want a do-over.

I know my blog isn’t a new book or a new blog, and erasing things won’t erase the past, but looking back at who I was for the past two years of blogging here, I thought to myself I was so miserable back then, I could do better. Now quick, hit the delete button quick before I change my mind again.

LOL I didn’t decide THAT quick. And let me just clarify I didn’t delete everything. I kept the most enjoying posts (at least they were fun for me) in my cryonic lab. Hey I had fun writing those posts (ok, maybe not really at that time but ugh anyhow, I don’t want to explain) and if ever I feel like bringing them back to life someday, at least they’re there, you’ll never know when I’d realize how important archives are. We’ll see.

As for the change of template… Ah, I savor this template because it’s cleaner and brighter. Much like my mood nowadays. And I’m really not a blue person. I only used blue on the other template because it matched the “Angels” theme stuff.

The title or brand (or logo or whatever you guys want to call it) is now a plain and moronic JoizDotOrg. Not because of lack of ideas but because I don’t want to brand the site too much. It’s just a name, it could mean anything and everything I want it to be. Something like Joiz and her Whatever’s.

You must be thinking, was the blog the only thing that changed? Or did the author change as well? Ahhhh you hit the nail right in the noggin. I did change because if I didn’t then the blog do-over would just be a change of outfit and not a big change at all. It wasn’t just a mood swing that made me delete everything, it was thought out and decided upon after endless debates with my brain. Tis’ quite like a personal total make over.

Things have changed around me, and we all got to go with the flow. I don’t know how big of a change, or whether it’s good or bad, or if I’m still me or not but the thing is I changed. I noticed the change and it was something I wanted to happen. I cannot guarantee I won’t be as demented as I was before seeing that it has only been a month since I went away and I might still need to tighten up a few screws here and there but I know I am a different Joiz now (more perverted than ever maybe? bwahaha).

I thought about making it a longish post to explain my disappearance but I decided not to. It’s better to leave those things behind. I apologize though to those who needed my presence (especially work-related). I’m back now. And I feel better now. Much better.

… So where did you see me go
it’s not the right way, you know
where did you see me go
No, it’s not that I don’t know
I just don’t want it to grow …

P.S. I am taking everything one at a time now so forgive the slow updates. I still got a lot in my list of things to do and I’m taking my time finishing them since I don’t want to plan too much ahead and the plans end up crashing into flames.

P.P.S. I still want that vacation that has been long overdue though just need my travel buddy (already overdue for 3 years? oi mercy!).

5 Replies to “Erase and Rewind”

  1. .cool entry .
    .nice blog .
    .your quote .
    .is that .
    .from burnout.
    .despair Inc?.
    sounds familiar.

    Joiz: Yeah, it’s from burnout from despair! I love that poster, demotivates me further LOL jk. I haven’t found inspiration to make my own quotation as of press time so I had to make do with something I like hehehe.

  2. that’s impressive 🙂

    Joiz: Why thank you f1nCh. ^_^ Although I am not quite certain as to what you were pertaining to (me=idiot), I still like the idea that someone finds something impressive here. :mrgreen: Thanks for visiting my blog btw. Heehee

  3. Although it is quite a shame that the stars are gone, I like the new look! ^_^

    Gaaaah now you made me want to revamp my site, too >_

    Joiz: Yeah, I feel so bad the stars are gone, 🙁 maybe I should bring them back hahaha but I really like this look too, coffee inspired me.. yum! :yum: :yes:

  4. no problem joiz.
    .btw saw you at friendster lol 🙂

    Joiz: lol yeah I saw you in the “who viewed me” log thingies and I really didn’t think there’d be two different finches passing along my way in just one day. heh

  5. and you didnt reply hmp!(friendster-msg) lolrofl. 👿 ➡

    Joiz: You sent a message? In friendster? I didn’t receive one. That’s odd. I’m sorry I double checked, wala po talaga. 😕

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