Drinking Lessons

If there’s one thing you should never do when you have friends visiting and drinking at your own house, it’s to never teach your friends how to operate your camera. Never leave your computer on too!

Tumba Na

I hate you guys so much, I made this my wallpaper for the week. LOL

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  1. You know that saying, “Never drink alone.”

    – i went through emoloser years where i went out and got drunk alone. of course, there were occasional pickups with hot girls, but most of the time, it was just sad. anyway, been a while since i got wasted like that. i. envy. you.

  2. FruityOaty: oh indeedy I have no idea why I snoozed while we were hanging out.

    Sameer: what do you mean about that comment? I’m a bit confused

    Scart! Sexy ka dyan? 😛

    Hener: From what I remember I think it’s London Gin? Not sure. Anyhow, Hener, Keysi, I also need alcohol in my system! It’s been ages since the last time hehehe adik, noh?

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