Don’t Call to Get ExpUse Number for Paypal

A lot of bloggers talk about how they are using Unionbank’s EON to withdraw their funds from Paypal and how they got their expanded use number by calling the Unionbank customer service center.

The expanded use number or the EXPUSE number is a requirement to lift the sending limits in Paypal. If using a credit card, a $1.95 fee is charged from the credit card and the EXPUSE Number would normally be received on their billing statement the next month.

In the case of Unionbank EON CyberAccount users, you would have to call to get the EXPUSE number. But as I’ve found out from Pinoy Money Talk:

Paypal strongly discourages this policy of contacting card companies to get the Number, as seen in the following note from the PayPal website.
Paypal and EXPUSE Number

If this was the case, why does Unionbank prefer to have their card users call to get the EXPUSE numbers?

It isn’t exactly our fault that we have to go through that method since it is the bank’s revised policy. And if Paypal was against this said policy, shouldn’t they investigate and warn Unionbank about it?

The post in Pinoy Money Talk did bother me somewhat since a lot of close friends have asked for help from me on how to use Paypal with EON and not knowing this small detail may actually leave me in a rather sticky guilt-ridden situation.


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  1. The reason why it is a policy is that people in other places start calling their banks for the number and the banks complain to Paypal. Paypal doesn’t want to be bothered by irate banks.

    If a bank makes that policy to allow people to call them then no harm and no foul.

    The best way, I think to get the expanded use number (expuse is a term only used by Filipinos) is to just drop Unionbank a bank email from your online banking. It takes just seconds and they get back pretty quickly.

    Joiz: Oh so it’s no worries then? Phew!! I didn’t want to end up in the middle and get pointed fingers on. Yes, I believe it’s better to email them, I dunno about how fast their reply would be but I’d be guessing they’d get right back to you asap. Errr anyhow, thanks for the comment, Louis! ^_^

  2. Whoah… so many people are getting EON accounts along with this problem nowadays. Buti na lang I got my EON last April. It’s weird getting the EXPUSE numberback then was a breeze.

  3. Just create an account on
    Thrn in your Transaction History, the paypal entry’s description will have the expuse number as the first 4 characters.

    No hassles, verify it instantly.

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