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World Wide Whatever

Where to Grab Older Versions of WordPress

April 3, 2007

WordPress is a very popular blog software used by a LOT of blogs out there in the www. One of which is my own blog. The latest version as of press time is 2.1.3. I have been asked before how to get the old versions of WordPress and I also have asked myself that same question long ago. There are no archive links to display the older versions of the software but you might ask, how do you get the older versions of WordPress just in case you prefer using that or need to use it?

World Wide Whatever

Online April Fools

April 2, 2007

Yesteday was April Fools and to save myself from confusion, frustration and whatever feelings, I did not go online nor did I go out. I can handle whatever stupid prank my family has in store for me but I don’t want other people messing with my head.

I haven’t roamed around too much yet when I got back today but I already found a few funny hoaxes in my mail and on Google. A local forum announced its closure (kaso napaaga ang sira ng announcement sa PMT kasi may nakahuli agad nung hoax), and Google announces a whole bunch of services (Gmail Paper, Google Writer) but that one that really cracked me up is its wireless broadband service, or the Google TiSP. Oh gawd this was a charm!

World Wide Whatever

The Google Home Page Face Lift

March 23, 2007

Last Tuesday, Google launched the home page themes. If you have a Google account and uses the personal home page then you probably know what I’m talking about. I noticed the press release somewhere but only had time to tinker with it today and was really amazed with the oh so cute headers!

Google Face Lift

There are currently 6 themes available and Google has programmed the graphics to reflect what’s going on in the outside world and the design will also contain Easter eggs or hidden surprises that will open up with an opportune click at the right time of the day.

World Wide Whatever

To .be or Not to .be

March 14, 2007

My apologies for the Shakesperean.

I have been contemplating whether to continue using my .be or not. Apparently, as of press time, my is still the most popular joiz according to Google, not that I keep track or anything but for some weird reason I get clicks from that search so I notice it (must be my relatives and friends). I’m also the fifth most popular angel’s lair in google (talk about luck).

World Wide Whatever

UPLB SystemOne

March 12, 2007

It seems my alma mater has finally caught up with technology. UPLB has introduced online registration to its students for summer enrollment. The system is actually the project/feasibility studies of several of my batchmates last 2005. How I wish I was part of their group so that I didn’t have to worry about conceptualizing a feasib, I may already be a graduate by now. The only advantage of not being in their group is the expectations aren’t so heavy and downtrodden on you. I’m not regretful about that, I’m actually happy that finally, the project my batchmates have so painstakingly worked on is finally getting implemented and used for its purpose, i.e. online registration for the college.