Smart Brings LTE to Metro Manila

Smart LTE

Leading wireless services provider Smart Communication, Inc. (Smart) today fired up the first Long Term Evolution (LTE) network in Metro Manila. The introduction marks the first public demo of the LTE in the National Capital Region.

“The future of mobile broadband is LTE, and Smart is leading the way” said Chief Wireless Advisor Orlando B. Vea. “We are very happy to bring the fastest 4G technology to the city with the fastest lifestyle.”

Ole! Entre!

Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole! Ok enough Ole-ing, it only reminds me of Nigel Gruff and The Replacements and that is not my point here!

Ok first off, I’d like to apologize for not being able to bloghop and visit the sites of people who have been visiting me, I have been preoccupied with… well… hell and healing.

Second, I will be kind of busy on the next few days but I’ll be publishing one or two posts per day just to empty out all the damned drafts I have on my dashboard. One of which is this. I have 15 drafts for chrissake! This was suppose to be published some 2 weeks ago but I was all uninspired and my brain was out of town that I wasn’t able to finish it, just as much as I left everything unfinished.

What the November!

November is like the f*ck of the year and when I say f*ck I mean it is so frikkin awesome… ok not so much but this month has got to be the most unforgettable for the year 2007 for me. It is just spilling with too many events. Let’s do a recap, why don’t we?

  1. I got my biggest Adsense earnings so far. Whoopie! :woohoo: 4-digit in dillar currency whydoncha, not bad for someone who’s lazy with ads, whoopie whoopie! :woohoo:
  2. The yearbook for our batch finally came out! Was able to catch up with batchmates. Still missing elbi though.

Don’t Call to Get ExpUse Number for Paypal

A lot of bloggers talk about how they are using Unionbank’s EON to withdraw their funds from Paypal and how they got their expanded use number by calling the Unionbank customer service center.

The expanded use number or the EXPUSE number is a requirement to lift the sending limits in Paypal. If using a credit card, a $1.95 fee is charged from the credit card and the EXPUSE Number would normally be received on their billing statement the next month.

In the case of Unionbank EON CyberAccount users, you would have to call to get the EXPUSE number. But as I’ve found out from Pinoy Money Talk:

Do You Know When Your Site is Down?

From the uber informal and useless series of posts, a very geeky and information embedded post might be a shock for some. But anyways, this will probably catch the interest of bloggers and website owners alike since we all dedicate a fraction of our (if not our whole) time daily to maintaining our blogs and websites. Uptime is very important to a website, and in turn it is important that the server where the website resides is always to almost always accessible. Everyone who owns a website wants their website to experience minimal or no downtime because if the site always seem to be experiencing downtime, network failure, system outage or connection failure, either or both can happen:

Nokia has a Video about Web 2.0

I’m being so geeky again. Aha all too well, found Nokia’s Viral video about web 2.0 on YouTube. Chuckled over the guys running away from a big Facebook pokey pokey finger… heh tell you I’m really shallow.

Kinda upbeat song, kinda funny vid.

I’m bored and I’m being a nerd. What a combo! :sweat:

What the hell am I still awake for, anyway? Sheeez it’s 4 in the morning! hehehe

I’m a ____ Blogger?

Just before getting back to work, curiosity got the best of me and I find myself answering a meme when I don’t have to. This came from the Blog Action Day website. Yeah they have quizzes in there now. I keep going back because I absolutely love the background color, reminds me of chocolates.

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

The scores are as follows:

Meebo Firefox Addon?


If you do not really like a tagboard for spammers to linkbomb but want to be contacted instantly by your readers without having to be waaaaay off topic on the comment area of your latest post, then maybe Meebo might do you some justice. It’s the little widget on my sidebar just below the searchform.

Meebo also bridges all the major IM services (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, ICQ, and Jabber). But up until now, you had to go to to use it or go to a partner Website that embeds the Meebo widget. Yep, you heard me, up until now.