All Blacks Haka

Haka during the 2004 All Blacks against Wales. Why am I seeing this video just now?

The Haka involves loud chanting, aggressive body movements and fierce facial expressions; it is seen as a challenge thrown down by the All Blacks to their opponents on the field.

Ka mate! Ka ora! Game tomorrow! Go All Blacks!

Rugby!!! (And Not The Rubber Cement)

So I found a new sport to watch. Rugby. Surprised? Me too. This is how I got introduced.

A few days ago, the guys, Jason, Joms, Kev, (oh, and Kimmy, who is not a guy)  were practically plastered to the screen when I first walked into Kevin’s pad. I did try to decipher what was happening.

“What’s this?”

“Rugby”, Kimmy chimed.

“Who’s playing?”

“Australia,” Jason said, probably aware how the word can spark interest in me. Kevin added, “And Wales.”


I plopped down in between Kimmy & Kev.