A Bit for the New Year

Ah another year has gone, and finally I have a post. A long over-due one. I noticed my blog is rotting and infested with flies but what the hey, I was too preoccupied with my loneliness and wallowing, and when I’m in a good mood, I was busy taking advantage of the alone-time and catching up on the tv-series and movies (in DVD) I haven’t watched. And of course my laziness kicks in that I couldn’t bring myself to write something.

Anyhow, I am back and let’s see… I didn’t want to enumerate the best points of this blog for the year 2007, nor do I want to make a summary of posts for the whole year. I thought I’d thank the online people who made 2007 special and memorable but the list is uber long and I’d most likely forget several people. It’ll be like in the Academy night and I’m saying my message after receiving the award, only I don’t know what I’ve won and I’m probably holding a Barrel Man instead of Oscar. But I still want to say thank you to all of you guys, who constantly visit my blog to see what madness and mayhem I’ve been up to. Thank you for those who have crossed my path last year and has made a mark in my life. Whether it was a hickey or a whip slash, I don’t care! I am grateful for newly found friends and if I ever gained enemies last year, sana kunin na kayo para wala na akong kaaway, nyahaha… Seriously, thank you to each and everyone for making 2007 colorful.

Bah Humbug?!

Are you feeling it yet? The Christmas spirit, I mean? I bet you do.

It’s only a week before Christmas day and I’m guessing you’re experienced/done:

  1. going over your half-finished Christmas list and panicking that you haven’t even started wrapping yet
  2. decorating your house, your room, your usual classroom seat, your office desk, your boyfriend’s room, your cellphone, mp3 player, your web site, your outfit, your whatever with Christmas decorations
  3. sending out your Christmas snail mail greeting cards to relatives, e-cards and holiday pokes to online buddies, and what-have-yous

Brain Farts

So here I am again with a stream of unrelated and irrelevant thoughts that does not have to be posted but since I haven’t updated in a while, meh.

  • I have a sore throat and last time I posted a random post like this I also had an issue with my throat. It must be the throat thinking when I do this… wuh?
  • Oooooh I’m home from birthday gift vacation. Guess where I went? ^______^ heeheehee and no D.A. I did not book under the name “joyce jimenez”, ok ka lang?

FR0k 0v3r s0m3 L33T 0n Chr1stm4s

I keep on bumping into stuff that sure would make unconventional gifts. I know these have been around a long time ago but I like having them on record, never know when you need inspiration. Hey geek, bored of playing scrabble with usual tiles? Then use Leet speak and replace those old boring scrabble tiles with leet tiles!


I wish I had one of these ^_^ I lik3 the idea.

Give Syphilis on Christmas Day

treponema pallidum

Christmas is just around the corner. Still haven’t a clue on what to give your love one? I have a gift idea! Why not give Syphilis… Or how about Gonorrhea? Or Kissing Disease maybe?

I know what you’re thinking… ew. But before your eyes pop out of their sockets and you start cussing me for suggesting this, I’m talking about the 6-inch stuffed toy that GIANTmicrobes are selling! This is probably the only variety of Syphilis or Gonorrhea or whatever microbe that anyone would welcome getting as a gift.

Meet the pox a.k.a. syphilis

What the November!

November is like the f*ck of the year and when I say f*ck I mean it is so frikkin awesome… ok not so much but this month has got to be the most unforgettable for the year 2007 for me. It is just spilling with too many events. Let’s do a recap, why don’t we?

  1. I got my biggest Adsense earnings so far. Whoopie! :woohoo: 4-digit in dillar currency whydoncha, not bad for someone who’s lazy with ads, whoopie whoopie! :woohoo:
  2. The yearbook for our batch finally came out! Was able to catch up with batchmates. Still missing elbi though.

The Birthday

People born on the month of November are the sexiest (the sleeziest too? heehee joke!) in the face of the planet. No, do not argue with my alcohol-influenced generalizations here, shut up. Lemme just greet all the sexy men and women who celebrated and will be celebrating their birthdays this month. Happy birthday to you guys! :woohoo:

my butt would like to greet you

On a serious note, I know I have been depressed and have been in a weird mood for the past several days (or is that several months? or maybe even years?) up to till two hours before my birthday last Wednesday night. It was then when a glimmer of hope emailed itself to me.

Emailed? Hi-tech na ang emotions ngayon? Oh yes, di nyo ba alam yun? Oh but I digress. My point is, it was my birthday last Thursday, when I thought things would look very bleak, it wasn’t really really such a disappointing day. And I should be updating my profile everywhere that still says I’m 22.

Because I’m a Girl

This is the edited, cleaned, clipped, all-the-drama-in-the-world-removed version of this post. It was just too personal to keep the thoughts published. Maybe next time when my brain gets fried up again or something.

The video below leaves an ache here in the heart, especially tonight, more than ever. So yeah, I’m basically drowning myself in emoshit 2 days before my birthday.

But really, you’ll love this video. The song’s Korean but the message’s universal. *sigh* Also added a translation at the very bottom if you want to know the meaning of the song.

Because I’m a Girl

Going Grunge and My Seven Sins

When you’re nursing a migraine, a stiff neck and a runny nose for the last 39 hours, you tend to do weird things. I was playing with my Graphire — drawing the usual, anime and spidey man figures– when I decided to make a new header for my blog. By now, you should already realize that when I say I want to tweak and modify my header, I tend to change everything. This header modification is not an exception. And I present you my latest mistake, teh grunge makeover!!!