Illegal Stuff!?!

Do You Know That What You’re Doing is Illegal?!?!

That’s the English translation of what the chubby hot-headed man from NBI asked one of my co-workers last night. And to what was he pertaining to? P-O-R-N

But we really aren’t making any of those stuff and we definitely don’t star on any of those. We just offer web designing/developing services to clients. we don’t own any sex dens in here with cameras and sex toys and all those crap. You won’t find any webcams and we don’t even have messengers for chrissakes.

17 Days and Counting…

I’m due on March 15 and apparently I only got a few days left to prepare for my baby’s coming! I’m so excited and at the same time real nervous!

I’m fixated at organizing my stuff for the hospital, and I got some stuff for baby as well. We’re scheduled to go for an ultra sound thing this week and I just had a very weird check up today. I have to go through a lot of medication now to keep me and baby from getting any illness. Baby’s been hyperactive lately! I’ve been nursing a very bad backache that comes and goes every now and then. I sure wish everything goes well when the day comes…. *grins*

Work Work

I have a feeling that my work just keeps piling up. My title is suppose to be SEO specialist, I have to maintain rankings and monitor my clients’ sites statistics and sales. But I not only do seo work now, I also have to do article review of trainees, then I also have to write an article every other week to publish them online. I also was assigned to write a press release for one of the clients and of course I have to keep researching on what’s new with the big G.

Which What?

Ever experienced seeing white spots everywhere? Then they become shiny swiggles and then they start moving around? Heh I’m seeing them now…

I found that when you stare at them for too long you’re head becomes too heavy.. and now I feel like I’m under the influence of some illegal drug. I want to strangle someone.

LOL!!! I’ve been trying to email someone for the 5th time and the message keeps bouncing back. I just realized I forgot to put a .com after gmail so it just looks like user@gmail PATHETIC!