My punny family and I were preparing the ingredients for taco salad…

Mom: Is it OK that your brothers got this cheese brand for grating? *shows me the cheese block*
Me: Oh OK… How does it taste?
Brother: Uh… it’s OK

ok cheese

No Oil Cooking

This was the first time I went to Maya Kitchen, under the invite of Ryan of Kain Pinoy. The demo class covered no oil cooking using INOS cookware.

I was tempted to buy a set for myself but I have to check my budget first before trying to make an impulse purchase, anyhow, with its safe and health-friendly components, INOS surgical stainless steel cookware is perfect for cooking nutritious meals for your family.

Regla Bread?!


during a burst of boredom and snack circumstances..

joiz: Pare, kain tayo, pan de regla 😆 (Dude, let’s eat pan de regla)
sempai: Ano ung pan de regla? (What’s pan de regla?)
joiz: ung tinapay na may pulang matamis na chuva sa gitna (loosely translated: the bread with red sweet filing in the center)
sempai: ahhhh..
joiz: hehe ano bang tawag sa tinapay na to? (what is this bread really called?)