The Kid’s Birthday at the Brit Fest


I’m a fan of Doctor Who. I’ve seen a few episodes decades ago, and then I rediscovered it in 2010? 2011? And it became an addiction from then on. But let’s not get to that yet. Let’s talk about my daughter, and how a costumed meetup of the Whovian PH group during the last day of Britfest in Bonifacio Highstreeet (BHS) became a personal fulfilled request.

I asked those dressed as the Doctors, if it’s at all possible for them to sing the birthday song for my little miss. And so here it is the Tenth, Eleventh, and Fourth re-generations greeting an “empty child” a happy birthday. :3

(Taking Advantage of) The Last Sunny Days Of Summer 2011: Picnic in Diliman

Summer has only begun for our friends in the West, but here in the Philippines it has long gone. Rainy days are here, and a lot of us has sadly experienced floods from the last heavy rainfall. 🙁

Suffice to say, summer has officially ended for us here. But I am grateful to have spent the last sunny day with good friends just before it (quite literally) started continuously raining. Kat, Drew, Ryan & yours truly decided that if it didn’t rain during the weekend of June 5, we will have a picnic lunch at the sunken garden of UP Diliman.

Nyam nyam’s Mall Tour

Fiona So here is my Princess Fiona, in yet another mall escapade. I haven’t posted about her in ages noh? Being a personal assistant to a fickle baby model is hard work. LOL

The latest about my babyQueen? She’s turning 16 months old on Monday. She’s more of a copycat now and copies almost everything I do. She also eats almost everything I do (calls them “nyam nyam”) and eats whenever I do. She likes things I use and tries them out, my sunglasses, my cellphone, my lipstick (gosh darn don’t let me start with the lipstick)! She steals my high heel sandals from their storage and she wears them (I’ll take photos when she does that again).