Books… I Want Them

Janine of Cigarette Girl is giving away books. BOOKS! YUMMY. YUMMY. B-O-O-K-S.

I honestly want to read more than just one title from the list she has, such as Tuesdays with Morrie, Fairy Tales Mother Never Told You, Life of Pi, A Stone Gone Mad, Red Dragon and Heavy Water. But several of her blog readers has taken claim on some of those titles and considering my options, I instead want to stake claim on The Birth of Venus. Aside from the title reminding me of a beautiful renaissance Botticelli, stories of strong women mixed in with love and power charms me.

Bottecelli's The Birth of Venus

And after scanning a few reviews regarding the book, and seeing mentions of religion, politics, art, nuns with odious tattoos and questionable reasons of death… Oh god, I am seduced. I must read it!

So really, I can has Birth of Venus? Also, check out cigarette-girl’s book contest. And no stealing my title!

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