Blog Garbage Take Out

Something tells me the whole world is conspiring against me yesterday.

For one, my pc and I were having a fight, you read that right, my PC. I wanted to work, it was loading everything slow; I wanted to open Photoshop, it wanted to hang; I restarted it, it says one of the drives was corrupted; I restarted again and it started crying out in long beeps. I was just about @#$%^&* it all over the place. So what happened? I gave up and took my last option: REFORMAT. Quick and painless, that’s what I thought, until…

I forgot that I didn’t make a backup of all my bookmarks on Firefox, I forgot to create backups of chat logs with clients who give out their ftp accesses, server login details, etc. I no longer remember my passwords on other sites and forums since I rely mostly on the password manager. That’s what you get when you rely on automation too much. *groans*

And the weather, oh god the weather was awfully annoying, no wind, no rain, no sign of ever cooling down. It was plain humid and annoying. And if the weather wasn’t bad enough, my skin allergies were making my arms irritatingly itchy and when sweat gets near the major allergy spots, it is oh so painful!!


That’s not the point of this entry, I could have blogged this yesterday if PC had agree with me earlier. Anyway, this is about blog garbage and trying to remove them.. What are those? probably some stuff I’d rather not see anymore 😆

Old Blog Habits that won’t die:

I do not finish my blog entries. I currently have 6 drafts on this blog alone. :mrgreen:

I put off uploading photos hehe

I rant, always rant (you will never see a happy post in here I think 😕 )

I prune my blog posts or hide them from public.

I don’t update my portfolio! (ok that’s not part of my blog but still it’s a bad bad habit!)


I have a mission! Or do I? My definite tasks would be to fix my blog, fix my site, fix my schedule and fix my life. Having enumerated my goals, is it a “mission:impossible”? Mahirap atang ayusin ang buhay ng sadyang magulo talaga ang buhay.
I should get my ass off procrastinating and get a move on fixing the loose strings on my site/s, not necessarily meaning I’ve fixed my life but it’s a start.. What I have done so far is just restructure what the blog looks like a bit and finish classifying all my old blog posts. My other sites need working and so does my schedule.. My life? Is there a way to really fix it? -sigh-

Today’s our “birthday” no news from him since last night so, I don’t know what he’s up to or if he even remembered.

Dog Gone Life

Colleen and I were talking about dogs the other day and I find myself wanting one again for real, it’s been a long time since I’ve had dogs, I think I was still in high school when we last had one for our family. My current situation and lifestyle suggest not to have one -blech-

I did have a dog during college (yen’s dog), he’s chaos, he chewed up all my pretty sandals and peed everywhere in our apartment. Now if I had a dog, he’d be a reliable watch dog, and a cuddly friend-companion, has a definite breed please and nothing cross bred or ‘askal’ for that matter :mrgreen:

My kinda dog lol
Beware of Dog

Now what happens? I’m pretty much wasted but it’s only 7:30 AM. Time to get my day started -shrugs-

I live such a boring life, a boring in-need-of-repair-or-replace kind of life.

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  1. Anak ng tinapay. Naalala ko tuloy ‘yung kwentong PC ko sa blog. Ewan ko nga ba kumbakit naghihinarte ang mga PC kung kelan mas kelangan mo.

    Kanya-kanyang habits lang ‘yan. Pero ewan ko dahil nilalangaw naman ‘yung blog ko so okay lang.

    Basta kung anuman ang gawin mo, tiyaga-tiyaga lang, kaibigan.

    Teka nga pala, ano ang kinalaman ko sa Twitter? Nyehehe. Gulat ako dahil naimpluwensyahan kita. Mas masaya kung i-a-activate mo ‘yung phone mo to receive Twitter updates. Hehehe.

  2. Tyagaan talaga! hehe maayos na pc ko uli. haaaaay naghahanap na ng kapalit yan. napapadalas ang LQ namin e. hehe

    Naka activate na twitter sa phone ko.. kaya nga kahit nasa Greenbelt ako narereceive ko updates mo tungkol kay Kurt Cobain? hehe

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