Blog Action Day: Get Your Act Together Humans!

You say cockroaches, rats, flies are the dirtiest creatures in the world? I disagree, although yes they are filthy guys, humans are still the friggin dirtiest creatures around. We have no regard to other humans, to our animal brethrens and to our environment.


You think that’s fun? It could be for children, but when you see boats/rafts instead of cars/bikes on the road then something is very very wrong.


That trash bag may have been yours. And even if it’s not your trash, even if it’s not your streets, does that mean you shouldn’t care about where the trash is supposed to really go? Are we just to tolerate other people while they throw their crap just anywhere? And we complain how fuckin’ dirty our streets are…


This may not be your street now, you may not be directly affected now, but what about tomorrow? Next month, Next year? What if your children and their children’s children were to be feeling the effects of our nonchalance now, do we not even stop and think about it? Tell me, when will WE get our friggin act together? When the whole world’s drowned in our own shit? X-P

Blog Action Day!

Photos were taken outside my house’s gate last August 17, 2007 just around lunch time. I own these images, you are not allowed to use them anywhere without my written permission, ya’hear?