Blagh! Time Out!

As I was eating my breakfast in front of the computer, while reading my feed subscriptions, I got to Bulitas’ most recent post “Foul” and lookie what I found…

A happy bunch of UST Salinggawi Members during the UAAP Opening.

Great! Just a nice effin way to start the morning. I really have no time to waste since I have deadlines but I have a few minutes to spare… So I followed the link from where it came from and immersed myself to the x00 (and counting) commentaries thrown all over regarding the photo.

My take on this? This is crap. Outrageous and downright foul. The L signs I could take, but the dirty finger? Boom! Below the belt dude, just right on the crotch area actually. @#$%^&*

So maybe these boys were just fooling around, come on admit it guys, at one point or another, we make fun of the other schools/universities through the school vs. school jokes because we’re dead bored but these guys? They should have been more careful to let a camera catch this foolishness.

If they didn’t want this photo out, the one who took the photo or the owner of the camera (if he’s not the same person) should have deleted it or shouldn’t have posted it online because we all know that anything you post online spreads like wildfire. This is very similar to posting nude photos or creating sex videos, embarrassing as it may be, you got to own up when things go out of hand.

And if you’re asking me why post this stuff and add gas to the fire? Because I can’t just ignore it and shrug it off without having my say.

To quote artiste (comment from lr16’s multiply)

IT’S JUST THE SHEER STUPIDITY TO LET SOMETHING LIKE THIS OUT IN THE PUBLIC. UP pa kinalaban niyo. But then maybe they wanted this to get out, we are just making them feel sorry for wanting this to get out.

Since they had the courage to pose like that in front of a camera… Since one of the six (include the photographer) had the courage to upload the photo someplace (whether it was publicly posted or aimed to be viewed by a limited number of people, the thing is you still showed it around), then they probably have the courage to take the reactions –now that it’s out–of everyone whose toes they’ve stepped on. One of those toes is mine. heh

If this was your school’s name, whether it be Ateneo, La Salle, Mapua, Assumption, ADMU, etc. would you not feel a bit irked? And to think these boys are not just the usual student body but a part of a group representing their school…

Well, we are enraged. It is our alma mater’s name. And as most of you already know, a lot of the students from UP are vocal about what we feel and think.

This is just a small case — no actually it’s nothing compared to politics, religion, or some other issue that we tend to be more passionate about but still I love my school. Much like my family, UP has taught a lot of things aside from stuff you learn inside the classroom, in books, handouts, and online tutorials. And when someone shoots a dirty finger in my university’s name, I react. If you say it’s no big deal, I’ll tell you bullshit. I’m human, and I protect what I love. UP is just one of them.

Let me reiterate what others have said before me. I am NOT generalizing all of the UST community. I have lots of friends who studied in uste, I have relatives who studied there, I also tried out their entrance exam in hopes of having more options for college, 7 years ago. I respect the school and the people who study/work/studied there.

I am just annoyed with this picture, I am annoyed with these boys. I am annoyed and I’m just saying my piece in my blog.

“I just want to make it clear that the picture DOES NOT in any way reflect the educational upbringing instilled by UST on their students. That’s not what I want to prove. It does prove, however, that they have students who lack tact and respect towards other schools and could care less about their own school’s reputation. The sadder part is, these students are members of their cheering squad. A squad that has cemented itself as cheerleading royalty… a team that’s supposed to represent the school’s values of honor and sportsmanship… a team that’s earned the respect of other teams, most especially the UP Pep Squad’s.

It also proves that there is such a thing as karma”
~ YinYang from

Ah heck, I know it’s late but eh.. congratulations to the UP Pep Squad for winning the UAAP cheerdance competition. Ok na to, sa kanila na ibang sports. ^_^


UP Pep’s Oble


Matatapang. Matatalino. Walang takot kahit kanino.


UP Pep Squad


Unibersidad ng Pilipinas

Don’t try to deny it, UP Rocks!!!! :woohoo:

Oh. My few minutes are up. Adios.

Photos of UAAP Cheerdance competition all from Teresa Barrozo

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  1. naku..talagang may memory gap na ako at ngaun ko lang ulet naalala na taga UP ka nga…

    bitter-bitter lang ang mga yan… and according dun sa QA ko na dating saling, natanggalan daw ng scholarship ung mga bumagsak sa exhibition… kawawa naman.

    i posted the same story sa blog ko a few days back. 🙂

    Joiz: hehehe yeah UP ako, elbian. ouch naman yun, bumagsak = goodbye scholarship? harsh? Oo nga nabasa ko ata ung post mo, silipin ko na lang din uli hehe

  2. tsk tsk tsk.. hindi man ako taga USTe or tagaUP, isang kahangalan yung ginawa ng mga estudyanteng yan! Tsk tsk tsk..

    Hindi lang ang sarili nila yung nasira nila, pati na rin ang imahe ng UST, gayun din yung mismong squad nila.

    Ang karma nga naman..

    Dapat maturuan na nga talaga ng leksyon yang mga yan.

    Joiz: Yun na nga masama dun, dinamay nila ung dance troop nila at ung university nila sa kalokohan nila. Shameful. So sad.

  3. I’m having a hard time picking which one of these idiots I’d like to punch first.

    Joiz: Do we make them fall in line for you Baddie? :yes: You’ll only have to choose whether by height, by age or by retardation.

  4. karma ata tawag dito. you mind if i copy this photo? repost ko lang. marami akong UP Readers eh. LOL 😈

    Joiz: Sure thing keysi, hiniram ko rin ung images mula kay Bulitas and dun sa multiply account, I don’t think they would mind, they have always wanted to spread the “love”, go on ahead and spread the lurve! ^_^ :sweat:

  5. i maybe a former salinggawi dancer.. but never in my life i saw those kind of behavior
    na ginawa na kapwa ko ring ‘gawi. well times change nga namn. pawala ng pawala na ang mga modo ng mga batang ito.. if in case ttoo na nwalan sila ng scholarship, well it serves them right dahi, panu sila rerespetuhin kung hindi sila marunung rumespeto ng kapwa dancer… SPORTS LNG.. WAG MASAMANG BIRO!!l ^_^

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