Better Late than Pregnant

After a week of not posting anything, I think I owe it to myself to make a very long and juicy post. There has been a lot of highlights from this past week and I’ve been as usually fickle as to whether to blab about it on the internet or keep it to myself. But what the hey, let’s enumerate some…

Ginel got married!

One of my friends from high school, Ginel, finally -and the first, I might add, for any of us from our group well, at least in a church- tied the knot with her hubby Ron last April 28 (photos to follow). It was such a tear-jerking event, I’m really not into wedding anymore since I am such a bitter b*tch but I am very happy when my friends find the men that complements them and find their happiness. How I wish the best for them. If you’re asking me when I plan to tie the knot? Hmmm.. I already have my entourage ready, all I need is a groom! πŸ˜†

They are back

My mom and my brothers are back from vacation so I have tons of chocolates to eat LOL

Living with Anemia

Amongst the family, I am the only one suffering from anemia and everyone else is problematic about high blood (does this mean I’m adopted? or something? πŸ˜• ). I’m taking things slow right now offline and online since I don’t want to end up needing to take those horrid injections again anytime soon.

8, My favorite number

I had quite a memorable weekend, finally spent time together alone watching Harry Potter and Superman and talking and laughing and rough housing and arguing about other girls πŸ™„ it felt like my birthday this weekend, strolling around without too much worry, just taking things one minute at a time. -sigh- It was our birthday. Photos to follow? Maybe

I Got a Call

Funny how you’re not trying but things happen? I’m not talking about pregnancy here, I’m talking about getting employed. I’m not trying to get employed and yet I’ve been receiving a few calls for me to take an exam here, go for an interview there. They seem to have found my resume on an online job seeking site that I’m registered to. Those site work, obviously. I don’t mind the offers but I don’t know what to do with them either.

14 months, baby!

Today marks my Fiona’s 14th month. We gave her a haircut yesterday, a boyish cut but she’s still cute nonetheless!

Hmmm what else?

I wanted to add in something that happened tonight and about politics but that would just ruin the mood of this post so until later, and for the nth time, it was just a title, I am not and could not get pregnant. I’m a man πŸ˜•

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  1. You better not be a man!!!

    Hey, who needs marriage? I will never ever ever EVER EVER agree to marry anyone! EVER! I hate the very notion of marriage, yuck, puke, don’t worry, we’re not missing a thing *puke*.

    Look at it this way, when he misbehaves you can toss his ass, “syanora biatch” and then get someone new, then do the same thing, and again and again, lol ok I am being annoying now. πŸ˜†

  2. LOL!!! Reminds me of dish rags. 😈

    Right now a male harem is a very ravishing idea πŸ˜†

    I would marry maybe after 30 years when I’ve really found someone I could grow old with. I have no certainty with my future so I have no idea either.

  3. nakakainis ang title ng blog mo! so misleading! pregnant pregnant and I was about to congratulate you! sino naman magiging ama kung sakali? the guy on top? nice shades why is he hiding behind a bag?

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