Ashley My baby just got baptized yesterday… I was awake the whole morning and afternoon which is hard for me really but this wasn’t my day, it was Fiona’s. She was such an angel inside the church. I never had a problem carrying her around well except she was heavy and had to rest a few minutes every now and then. But she really was the angel… She didn’t throw a tantrum all throughout the mass. Daddy was there, we were in a hmmmm… unspoken mutual treaty. It’s not the time or day to talk about problems..

I had problems with the tarp but good thing during the reception, it was already there. The reception was quite good, we had a lot of guests, and it was really tiring carrying her around all the tables. The food was muy excellente, finally I chose something right! That’s her trying out a carrot cake..

Carrot Cake She just nibbled it a bit and then spurted it out aswell. ahahahaha she was also the cutest doll baby in her baptism gown. I’ll have to upload that soon. It was such a heavenly day. Tiring but it was all worth it. The rest of the pictures will be uploaded soon. I’m just too busy now to do everything all at the same time.

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  1. hmmnn…ur such a nice mum for your sweet little baby… tell Fiona that she’s the luckiest baby of them all coz she has a mommy like you whose always willing to give and sacrifice just for her sake… congrats joiz for a job well done… 😉

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