And Then I Sucked Some More

Early this year, I said I’d start updating my blog again. But then reality took over and projects, tasks & responsibilities piled up. And piled up. And piled up.

So that promise never gave fruit. Until today.

Maybe the thing that has hindered me from blogging again was because the site has become too old for me. There were old posts I didn’t want to look back to anymore, and the design. Dear god, the design was no longer working for me.

And so I allowed my whole site to be stagnant. But my life wasn’t.

Ask anybody on my Plurk or on my Facebook. I’ve been to places, seen a lot of new things, learned a lot of cool (in my definition of the word) information, I’ve met new faces, made new relationships, recovered old ones, rediscovered hobbies… And all these experiences, I’ve wanted to share.

So here I am. Deleting. Yes. Deleting everything. Starting a new. One step at a time.

No promises. Except that if I encountered you some time this year, you’ll be in the headlines soon.

Call it a zombification. A re-birth, a resurrection. I shall return.

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