A Year Older

Yesterday marked my 24th year on Earth. I only spent the eve of my birthday drinking with one of my closest college friends, reminiscing about well… college and envisioning the years ahead. Spent my birthday with my family, and childhood friends. No well-planned (no plans at all) party, no grotesquely drunk joiz painted across the floor of some ladies room (no photos to prove it anyway), no flamboyant burning of cash. It was an ok birthday… Maybe it was a bit bitin but beggars can’t choose. I just didn’t want to plan anything at all (and end up disappointed that the plan just didn’t push through, like last year).

cerveza & marguerita
ola, marguerita... come here often?

trust this girl to make your day
I trust this girl to make my day

I should be thankful for all that I have right now. And I am. I have a crazy yet lovable little angel; my mom’s recovery is awesome that we might not have to worry about another operation; I am surrounded with people who I can lean on, in good times and bad and I have my share of troubles that I guess balances the scales (I try to convince myself anyway). I admit, 2008 wasn’t really a good year for me but if it weren’t for all the good and bad things that have come along my way, I wouldn’t be what I am now: a stronger, more driven woman.

And if there is one thing left to ask for, to make things a whole lot better, it would be to successfully lose the weight I gained from the whole year! OMFG then maybe I can start looking for a real boyfriend. LOL.

Errm… But really, I am content. ^___________________________^

Thanks for all the greetings. I love you gais so much! *hugs*

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  1. Happy Birthday again, betch!!! I can relate sobra about not making plans for teh B day. I made grand plans last year and it was a big failure. So this year, bahala na! Also, your angel is a cutie. May wings pa!

    How did you get those smilies to display here?

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