20 Months!! Yay for Fiona!!

Time seems to fly. One day she was just a small bundle that fits exactly in the fold of my arms… Now she’s an overly energetic, overly curious, overly zealous, overly carefree 14-kilo toddler. My baby is now 20 months old. It feels great to be mom even if there’s always chaos when she wails and even if it looks like a tornado passed by the whole house everyday.

She likes making faces. Awfully cute and even if you’re overly irritated with her stubbornness, you can’t help but laugh when she pulls an innocent face on you.

Malamang nyan, mag-aya uli siya mamaya sa favorite nyang “jahbee”. Heh

So I’ll end it here since I have things to write, things to fix, and people to talk to before she decides to wake up. But yey for 20 months! Mommy loves you kulet. :heart:

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  1. Awww.. So cute! Not long ago she was just inside your tummy but now she’s growing up to be a cute and fine kid! Two thumbs for you Mama Joiz!:P Now you made me even more excited to see my baby! Hahahah! πŸ˜† :nods:

  2. Darling girl! I was a single Dad (awarded custody when my sons were both still in diapers). It’s a tough job being a single parent … but very gratifying when things come together and not without rewards along the way.

    I have a new-born grandchild on my blog … in the (cell-phone) photo he was only an hour old and was a little too tired to smile … or anything else. His dad (my son) says he has big hands and feet and I had to smile because so did his dad. πŸ˜‰

    I have other blogs, too. The links are in the header for the link to my name.

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